Joe Biden’s daughter says her dad took showers with her when she was young.


Karma is back on the job.



Here is what the Democrats & Republicans have given us.  Joe is the worst.  The Chinese own America.

I wish Karma would visit Joe, today.

California residents deserve what they get.

Schiff is a small, creepy, Marxist, radical-liberal, tick on the American Payroll.


Japanese women say, thank you very much, but we are keeping our breasts.

Exxon tells Biden to go smoke some dope with Hunter.

Musk is African-American.

Most of the MSM is made up.

Your employees want better protection than you have.  Their security people have guns, and will keep them even if every gun in America is banned.

I hope Disney has more misery than Job had in the Bible.

They keep voting for it.

DeSantis is fighting back.

Uvalde Diary.


Deere John, expand your plant in Iowa, and bring the Mexican jobs back home.

Maybe a Private Eye could find out why the door was open.


What Libertarians watch.

This is a scene from The Fountainhead movie.  A movie somewhat about Ayn Rand and her book Atlas Shrugged,  individual responsibility and things.  Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal were the big stars.  It doesn’t take a Private Eye to see some symbolism.


The Secret Editor:  Are you moonlighting as a private eye, LL ?

The Skulking Cat:  No, I’m reporting on private eyes and crime solvers.  My first one is interesting.

A modern Private Eye will find your data.  Who wants to pay a pro to make sure the data is gone ?  Call Hillary Clinton or beat everything with a hammer.

Here are some classic Private Dicks from early TV.

Cream and dairy aren’t as bad as previously reported.

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