The Uvalde Diary.  This is a sad story of incompetent dishonest police.  We will never get the truth.

Swimming news.   ________________________________________________________________________

The dems and their partners want the souls of your children.

These are kids, the brain isn’t mature until the early 20’s.

We are glad Joe didn’t get a disabling injury.


It is just the beginning.

This is still child abuse.  Why isn’t there a case before the Supreme Court ?

The other 9 percent are politicians.

Musk is the man.

What a catch.

Paper ballots should be used.  Google how the electronic machines are hacked.

Good news from The Mount Rushmore State.

America deserves to crash.

Even golf has become a free for all.

They get their role models from TikTok.

The liberals will never stop.


Nothing is new with the creepos.

This never happened, Pennsylvania is a Monkeypox hole.


Outer space is cold because they went green like Michigan.

The same is true of robot phone calls.


The Any Day Editor:  What is one day about, LL ?

The One Day Cat:  One day Americans might wake up, maybe in November.  It might already be too late.

One day the police/FBI might be forced to release medical histories of the shooters.  They will be forced to list their mistakes without filing a Freedom of Information Request.

One day the College Bowl might return.  Allen Ludden was married to Betty White.

One day we might understand animals, even the human ones.

One day we will stop judges from making law, and spending money on elective surgery.  FJB and this judge.

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