Kennedy grills The Fed Chairman.

What about this ?

Biden lies for months about a recession not coming, then his Press Secretary tries to sneak it in at a briefing.

Important news about bank policies.


I wish Conservatives would skip Disney Parks and movies.

This smells like Pigleosi’s HOR.

The Dems brought the threats on themselves, with 6 years of violence against everyone not a Dem.

Koozies are pulled from two store chains.

Deshaun has settled most of his civil lawsuits.

None of the services are ready.

Parents can support the trans agenda or their daughters.

You go Joe.

It’s a big bear.

Let them go bankrupt.

Dexter gets homesick.


MST’s stick-figure from Tolley’s Soap Box opinion helps prisoner escape.  Geraldo Rivera couldn’t have explained it better.


Joe has a plan.

You can’t keep this a secret in any high school.

Trump has a plan.


The Second Oldest Profession Editor:  What is going on with teachers in K-12, and Professors in Colleges and Universities, LL ?

The Teachers And Professors Cat:  I think the parents had better wake up or the teachers unions will shoot your children full of puberty blockers and maybe cut off their genitals in the school science labs.

Teachers quit teaching cursive, anal sex and puberty blockers take up too much time.  School systems got lazy.

Frogs have an ancient cemetery.

Personally, I have changed my opinion on teachers since they advocate making the school curriculum what they think it should be.  I have covered teachers hiding their teachings of LGBTQAI+ values, hiding CRT and 1619 lies, and even surgeries on children from their parents.

Since Pigwoman, I hope, will soon be in the peanut gallery, the most dangerous woman in America is Randi Weingarten

She is a Radical Left leader POS of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  Their goal is to brainwash children to the LGBTQAI+ sex culture.  Teachers don’t need guns, but damn sure need to be able to lock a door.

The individual states need to tell Weingarten and her members that they are employees, just like Biden and all politicians.

All teachers are employees.  I assume that Randi speaks for her 1.5 million members when she says she wants to convert your child to another sex.  Maybe she should also be President of Disney.

This is a new acronym, or a jumble of words from the lefties.  This is their favorite hobby after burning court houses or Supreme Court Judges homes.

It’s the Mick not Mike.  That’s not satisfying.

This has been ranked as the # 1 Rock & Roll song.  It varies as time goes by.

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