Alito explains the decision in more detail.

Mitch McConnell should have, I kept the POS Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court, on his tombstone.

I haven’t seen a wrong major prediction by Trump yet.


I wish all conservatives would be tough with the media.

Keep boycotting Disney products.

Brad was a fool.

This article is graphic.  It isn’t for the squeamish.

Liz is also a POS.

This isn’t new, but to some readers it will be.

This is a good policy. Giant foreign companies have been buying our precious farmland for years.

Jeopardy is too WOKE.

Where did Biden find housing his over 2 million illegals ?

Trump is right in this.  He had to go because he wasn’t a life long politician , bought off by lobbyist, China, and the MSM.


This is Schumer before he goes over to MSNBC for his morning makeup job.

These can help in everyday life.


This is a recap of Biden’s thoughts for one night, sent in by Willow The White House Cat.  In this short documentary, Joe is being reminded to get the troops out of Kabul before they are stranded.

Two Mars employees were saved from a chocolate vat in Pennsylvania.  After a brief rest they were sent to the big ovens to be roasted and toasted.


The Red Cross Editor:  Is it save a life week/month, LL ?

The Red Crescent Cat:  It sure is, either or both.  The life you save may be your own.  It is a book title and was a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in the olden days.

This guy had ” IT ” in the 1950’s.  He was The Rebel Without A Cause.  Natalie Wood was also in the movie.


An Iditarod racing dog, feared dead, returns to checkpoint.

It was discovered later that the the racer had a rendezvous with Yukon King, The Wonder Dog.

The warmer climates also see major problems.

Lifeguards are having a tough time.  It might be the new Red Cross procedures.

California might be the only place where they can make over $250,000.00 a year, and keep all the drugs that wash ashore.

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