These are too funny not to link.


Today’s POS is ole Liz.

The FBI is caught lying again.


The Liberals in California don’t want Blacks to have guns.


This is very dangerous.  The medical profession sounds like some are so political that they will withhold medication, and probably give you the wrong medicine.  Thank the dems and MSM.

It seems that early-man operated on Democrats before modern tools were invented.

Maybe they saw one of these.


Maybe Americans are waking up.

How about this.

I would like to see Pigleosi, and Hillgal’s obituary on the same day.

Another mystery.

Oh, look.

More work of Joe, Nancy, and Schumer.



Real doctors are getting very specific.


The End is near.


The Who Knows Editor:  Why are some members of the MSM changing their viewpoint about lying all day long, LL ?

Follow The Money Cat:  Most of them are owned by monopolies like, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Google, Apple, etc.  They can pay their news departments forever if they are losing money.

I think their main goal to reject Trump and the America First policy has been carried out as far as possible.  It’s like a potted plant that has been watered too much-it gets root-rot.  We will see.  I think some will be good for a month or two.  CNN is an AT&T butt-buddy.

I wonder if Disney can get to 10 dollars a share ?  Everyone who is a straight person should wait 2 years before taking their family to any Disney Park.  Don’t pay America’s enemy.

I wonder which of these creatures has the most friends, not buddies-friends.

Maybe technology will replace vocal-passengers in cars.  At least you can turn them off without involving the cops.

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