Biden says you can continue to pay higher prices to support the ” Liberal World Order “.


This would be a great ticket.  The MSM will keep lying about Republicans, regardless.


The kill the baby party ( Democrats ) burn down a church on the Historical Register.  It was over 140 years old.   Every important building and individual home should have security cameras to record these killers, and your local killers.

99% of American companies in China don’t care About America.  Apple had suicide nets in their factories to catch victims of Apple’s policies.

This is a sad story.  People don’t get violent at 25 years old, all of a sudden without drugs/alcohol.  Very few pro teams care about their employees, just the money.  She sounds like it has been happening for some time.


The Democrats won’t play by the rules or laws.  That is it.  Once they turn your children into sexual mutants, you are next.  The Chinese taking over might save you.  You will only be a slave, making Nikes and Apple products.

Where are the outward facing camera videos of Amtrak accidents ?

R. Kelly got some Justice.

Trump wins again, New York is a corrupt legal Dung Beetle Hole.

There you go.

Biden and the dems don’t care about any life but their own.


Free Lloyd Bridges-Free Lloyd Bridges—And  Hooper.


No one was killed on January 6, the next day a cop died of a heart attack.


The Fauna Editor:  Do you like people or other animals the best, LL ?

The Choosy Cat:  I like any creature that can serve me like a slave.  Animals have many senses we don’t understand.  The first article is from a left-wing rag.

This was filmed in the San Diego Zoo.

This was in a Chinese Zoo–arf, arf, arf.

This is an ancient frog resting place.


Florida is even helping retired K-9 dogs.

This is what can happen if you don’t read Tolley’s Topics.

Don’t pet wild animals.

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