Officers in rural areas should go to this type of situation in an armored personnel carrier, cut off the water, electricity, and starve the maggots out.

Uvalde news.


Vote Democratic.


This is a beginning.  Someone should already have the reports over the last 3 years of their crimes.

The Democrats want to codify (pass a law) making abortion legal nationwide.  The Supremes just ruled that abortions are under a power The Constitution reserves to the states.  MSM, please shut up, shut up, shut up.

Let’s do abortions in the homes of HOR members & Senators.


The states should make it illegal to do anything on children concerning the gender/sex crap.  It is child abuse, that’s what it was called when the Nazis experimented on kids.  You can’t even give a child a tattoo.

Raise that skirt, is there a Maple Leaf or testicles under there.  It is no worse than the USA media not reporting the race of Black killers on the loose.

Hunter’s computer is a gold mine.


America’s airlines will hire L L Bean’s management to see how an organized business succeeds.


Pigwoman and the dems can’t even refer to the termination of federal abortions without saying woman.  Does Judge Jackson have an opinion ?   Does Nancy know if the unknown witness at her husband’s accident was a woman passenger or just a wine tasting friend ?


The Independence Day Editor:  Are you ready for the holiday, LL ?

The 1776 Cat:  I sure am.  This is a brief article on the beginning.

This was the fate of those who signed The Declaration of Independence.

Here is one Revolutionary War Hero.

These guys are from WW 2.

America is a big country, if you can make the media tell the truth or revoke their licenses, you may save her.



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