Biden is shipping oil from our strategic reserve to China.  Will someone impeach this traitor ?


This is another police fuster cluck.  Everyone is incompetent.  When was the gun purchased ?


Joe and his buddies keep peddling child pornography and child prostitutes.  Vote Democratic.


I hope this is my last mention of abortions.  It is not a right of the Federal Government.  It is a power each state has to make their own laws according to what their people want.

I expect the Democratic media to spew their BS until the cows, bulls, and chickens come home.  It is a talking point to keep their retarded voters stirred up.


It’s a cover-up.  What’s new with any Federal Organization/Agency ?


We all know that peaceful protest like BLM/Antifa use is the only way to change government policy.

Nancy’s nephew, Gavin Newsom, sux big time.  FJB, Nancy, Gavin, and the California Government.


I know Orlando is a company town, Disney is the name.  The same Disney pushing child abuse, and child body mutilation. I hope the legislature takes away their copyright exemption.

Do the cops know this guy is not a transsexual?


Xanax is good for you.

Too funny.  What a cry baby.  Abortion is alive and well in every state.  It is a state power.

The Republicans should stop giving National Public Radio ( NPR ) $500,000,000 a year in taxpayer money.  They are an arm of the Democratic Party.  I can’t find a real figure, grants and other financial terms hide everything.  500 million is my recollection of the last published figure.

I bet Justice Jackson on the Supreme Court would have noticed, after all it wasn’t womyn.

An honest Congress would try again to ban all money, except for a $2500.00 campaign contribution for all people and organizations.  All TV, radio, and social media would be made to give all qualifying candidates free time for their platform.  Remember Facebook’s Zuckerberg gave 400 million last election.

There are a lot of dems with a rating of 10 on the sleaze scale, but Omar is a good choice with a 9.

Even golf has revolutionaries.  Follow the money.


The ” BTK ” killer is ready to give dating another chance.  He Said San Francisco looks like a great city, where quirky personal traits are overlooked.


What a movie.


The Blogging Editor:  For our new readers, what is a ” blog “,  LL ?

Call Me Master Cat:  Here is a good definition.  It must be a lie, I don’t see anything about the Alphabet Soup group mentioned.

TBE:  What is a lede, CMMC ?

Here is a good definition.

Be careful of these words.

TBE:  Is there jealousy among the animals you deal with ?

There sure is, here is a good example.

Things have sure changed since I covered the Middle East wars.

This is how I traveled.

Beer-box Kitten - Imgur

Fluffy is a little vain, O.J. said she should be careful.

Willow travels first class with Joe.  She said the biggest danger in the Biden Snake Pit is Joe falling on her.

This is where I weed out job applicants.

My employees travel the Earth for important stories.

For Fluffy.

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