Where are the videos and Black Book ?


Vaccines are good for kids, even babies.


The Ooooooo Editor:  Can you explain pain, LL ?

Get Off My Tail Cat:  I think physical pain is a sign of something wrong with your body.  Here is a little more information.

These are different types of pain.

Mental distress can be as disabling as actual physical injury.

Suicides are particularly troubling.

Suicide is the most destructive death.  The parents, young children, family, and friends all feel guilty.


Nancy Pigleosi is a sub-human, she isn’t even feces, she is trash.  I hope she is out of the HOR come January.  I hope her retirement is painful and long.  If a Republican President lets a government airplane fly her decomposed body back to D.C. for viewing in the Capitol, I hope he or she loses the next election.

Here is Nancy’s open border policy at work, she couldn’t care less.


Fetterman, the Democrat running for senator in Pennsylvania, had a stroke and appears to be seriously ill.

I wouldn’t doubt that the Uvalde cops had money bet on the outcome.

China is worried about Japan.

If you worked with Biden you would also beat up women.


Trump or DeSantis will get 99% negative reporting from the MEDIA, including the social sites.  I hope the America First voters turn out in great numbers.

The Liberal-Dems have hated Trump because he isn’t a product of our corrupt Federal Government.  MAGA puts America First.  The MSM hates America.

The District Attorneys run the sanctuary cities.

The Democrats want to take you and America backwards.

This ancient cult has nothing on the MSM, BLM/Antifa, LGBTQAI+, Liberal, Democratic-Butt Buddy Cult.

Don’t believe anything without more evidence than  a MSM report.

Be proud of Biden.


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