Who thinks anyone that produces this feces should remain in office ?

We want Joe, we want Joe.


These pedophiles should continuously be sued ?

Those wacky Cheneys.


The Almost News Editor:  What are some almost important articles, LL?

The Space Cat:  A big CME is what we need.

Maybe Sports Illustrated wants a different audience.

Times, they are changing.


Pamela got a $1,000,000.00 a year job for testifying at Trump’s impeachment.  She lost it this week.  Those dems certainly are mischievous.

Let’s round it off to 10%.  Everything you buy cost about 10% more under Joe.  Your salary and savings are all worth 10% less.


With 6 years of not enforcing laws the Liberal/Democratic culture of not punishing killers and other violet people, the violence has spread everywhere.

Merrick Garland not enforcing laws at the homes of Supreme Court Justices is just another example.


Another RINO helps Susan Collins approve another Biden commie.

Portman isn’t seeking reelection this year.  I guess this was a good bye middle finger.

Musk has a meme for Hunter.


Starbucks is closing 16 stores because of violence.  They are taking control of their bathrooms, and letting stores change store layouts.  All are in sanctuary blue cities.

Technology helps catch a killer.

The beagles that Fauci supervised in medical experiments, where he let sand flies eat the dogs alive while their heads were immobilized probably came from this place.

The Webb Telescope is a hit.

This is for information only.  It sounds like being a yes-buddy.  It sounds like the MSM and Democratic Party.

This is like a crossword puzzle.

Normal people are fed up with the woke Bull Sheet.


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