Try it.


See how your state ranks.


The To Have and Have Not Editor.  Is this article like Bogie & Bacall in the movie ” To Have and Have Not “, LL ?

The To Be or Not To Be Cat:  No, I hope it is about knots that secure things.  Here is a scene from the movie.

There are thousands of different knots.

Here are two examples of the Pretzel Knot.  What’s up with Batman, Batgirl, and Robin–ding-bang-zowie ?

This is Amigo’s favorite knot.

Our Western Fans will recognize a future Princess, Wolf Man, many great Western stars-Lee Van Cleef from The Good Bad and Ugly, Lloyd Bridges from Sea Hunt & Airplane, Henry Morgan from Dragnet and M.A.S.H., Tex Ritter’s son was in Three’s Company.


The whole Green Deal is a scam to give government contracts to their buddies.  Almost every state has heatwaves and freeze situations.  China and India don’t even participate, and they have about 2.5 BILLION PEOPLE, almost one-third of the Earth’s population


BBAOC, is the new meme for the once AOC.  Big Booty AOC.  She wanted to “deck” her admirer.  Maybe we could get them in the ring for a Texas Death Match-with barbed wire around the ring.

I can imagine her entering the HOR Film Studio now.  By the time midterm elections are held, International Renowned Producer Nancy Pigwoman should have ended the Jan 6 pony-show.

Her fighting moniker will be Tax The Rich.

Only tacos will be sold at the concession booth.


If these skanks, who have been in office more than one term, haven’t paid off their debts with bribes, kickbacks, and insider trading, they are too stupid to hold office.

People like her lose contact with reality, the liberal lies are above everything.  The Democratic Party spreads this feces.  Men can get pregnant and monkeys can fly.

Prepare for the recession.


This is a NYC Democrat.  He might be in training to be a Biden Secret Service agent.

Take those local races back.

The Wuhan Flu came from the Wuhan Laboratory. Fauci was funding the lab with millions of dollars for bat research.  Gain-of-function is the operative phrase.

This entire family appears to be illegal immigrants and have mental issues.  The abortion Doctor needs to be investigated.


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