Elmo is a busy little infertile bee.


Joe wants a sniff ( of her hair ).  Joe doesn’t want her to be like Alma in the Movie ” Hud “–the one that got away.


The Numbers Editor:  Is your article about numbers, LL ?

The Round About Cat:  Kind of.  Located over a million miles in space, we are expecting some wonderful photos from the James Webb Telescope.

I like 41, it’s about the number in D.C., and the MSM that need to be rowing big ships.  Their hate will keep them alive.

Thirty million is about the number of illegals in America.  That and inflation are two things that Joe can increase the numbers on.  About 2 million have arrived since Biden took office.

Most cats like the number 9.  I would like to have seen jack fall through the JFK airport ceiling after two months living in the ceiling.  I bet he looked as disheveled as a Democrat accidentally walking into an American Flag Store.

Drew must be about 20 years old by now.


Joe, the dems, and the msm get the loser size type they deserve.


It’s a scam.

Biden lets the Chinese secure more Rare-Earth minerals, needed for all kinds of batteries and electronic devices, like phones.

A Van Gogh self-portriat is discovered.  I thought it was Donald Trump Jr.

We already know the Secret Service is corrupt.

Sphinx readers already know this.


Some people the Earth won’t miss or care about their departure.  Moderation is the key to life.

The dems don’t want any White votes, just your 5 year old child.

It looks like Henrich was going to let his son take the rap.

This is another arrogant politician, like Pigwoman.

Who wants to wear sweaters to bed ?  Move to San Francisco, if you can live in a hazardous material ( haz-mat ) suit.

Some people can’t be helped.

Disney has to make up the millions they lost when DeSantis cancelled their special tax deal at Disneygayland.

For what it is worth.



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