This is late for this year, but you might make a note for next year.


It’s a spelling bee.


The Lonely Hearts Editor:  What’s the story on a ” Dear John Letter “, LL ?

The Cupid Cat:  The first ones are lost to history.  We do know that people were probably writing on animal skins or clay tablets

This might be one of the most important break-up notices ever.  It was a Dear George Letter.

King George was very upset, he said: I’m finishing my Kidney Pie, and then putting the bloody colonials in their place.

I guess the colonials were headed for the fast lane.


Your military at woke-work.


The CDC is finally out in the open about being a branch of the Democratic Party.  They join union teachers and the rest to turn your child into a homosexual-LGBTQI+ little person.

Victoria’s Not Secret–They are almost bankrupt.

The James Webb Telescope is homophobic.  I don’t pay attention to anything the dems/msm say or make up.

Get those Hispanic voters, Jill Biden says you get a free taco.

America deserves to crash, hard, very hard.


This wasn’t a secret.  Two secrets in D.C. are who were the criminals having sex with the underage girl in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and what happened to Biden’s killer dog ?

The age was misreported so we wouldn’t discover that the rapist and maybe everyone involved are here illegally.

Maybe Fentanyl can be handled with a haz-mat suit.  How does Hunter handle it ?

This champion lives in England, but she can be a model for our children.  Maybe she identifies as a toxic man.

A portrait.

Does Gavin have a crush on Ron ?

Nancy and a few other skanks will miss the spotlight.  Put a Kente Cloth on the ostrich.

Katie should get her throuple sex partners to chip in on her legal/other fees.


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