Good news, Congress is too lazy to make laws.  The unelected bureaus and agencies need to be brought under control.


Americans could be coming to their senses.  The Fox article might be a tale of caution–like Drudge when he went to the dark-side.

This is just like wild lions.


This link is dedicated to daranger.

It’s about time.


The Lighter Than Editor:  What is going on with air, LL ?

The Nitrogen Cat:  We have a few interesting articles.  The first is a breakdown of the Earth’s atmosphere.

I hope this becomes fact, it will take some air from the Disney Child Abusers.

Poison air killed the tourists in the Bahamas.

There is no air here, or ET’s.

Biden isn’t the right man for the job.


Randi, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is the most dangerous person in America for your children, and for America’s culture.  Get out there and vote in your local school board elections.  She is a big C.


Thanks to loyal reader Robert W.  We can MAGA or buy these robots from other countries.  They don’t complain about race, White privilege, what sex you identify as, call in sick, or kill fellow employees.  Not one of the 2 million illegals that Joe let in can build a robot.

The dems are just nasty sub-human beings.  They are violent liars, cheaters, and killers (see BLM arsonist).


GoFundMe is a radical/liberal organization.  Find another site that isn’t a member of the Democratic Party.

The Murdaugh Diary.


This is probably true.  For our history challenged readers, it is like the boy who cried ” wolf “.

Hoover Dam has an electrical transformer fire.

It’s sanctuary Pennsylvania, give him another chance.

The truth is covered up.


This Is Amazing!

If I Only Had A Time Machine…..

Our Peculiar English Language-Part 3



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Spiral Galaxy M74: A Sharper View
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Processing Copyright: Robert Eder

Explanation: Beautiful spiral galaxy Messier 74 (also known as NGC 628) lies some 32 million light-years away toward the constellation Pisces. An island universe of about 100 billion stars with two prominent spiral arms, M74 has long been admired by astronomers as a perfect example of a grand-design spiral galaxy. M74’s central region is brought into a stunning, sharp focus in this recently processed image using publicly available data from the James Webb Space Telescope. The colorized combination of image data sets is from two of Webb’s instruments NIRcam and MIRI, operating at near- and mid-infrared wavelengths. It reveals cooler stars and dusty structures in the grand-design spiral galaxy only hinted at in previous space-based views.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend