In the olden days money was in tea.


Minor league baseball players are poor.


The Puzzled Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

The Criminal Cat:  Willie Horton, a bank robber, was asked why he robbed banks.  He reportedly said that was where the money is.

The same logic is why teachers, priest, counselors, and other people who deal with children should be under a microscope.

Dr. Birx got her money by lying about the Wuhan Flu.

Georgia’s Football Coach gets big bucks for that national title.

John Rich has a hit.


Maybe they should have a digital scale to weigh the cartridge.  Maybe they need English speaking employees.

Chicago is corrupt from the top to the bottom.

Do you need some sperm ? Call the Sperminator–it isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger–he only does household maids.

Shakira is in a tight spot.

Bill was one of the greats.  LT. Uhura was a Star Trek crew member.

Liz is great–a great liberal dem.


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