You can’t stay free like New York illegals.


The classified document trick won’t work.


The Extra Terrestrial Editor:  Is this about the WOW signal from space, LL ?

The Earth Cat:  No, it’s another supersonic airplane being planned.  I hope the rich passengers enjoy the flights.

NASA is in business–WOW.

Wow, good fortune for illegals.  The taxpayer pays.

WOW WEE, is anyone surprised at the most dangerous cities in America.  The only safe places in these cities are moveable pods of security police protecting politicians and the rich.

RIP Mikhail Gorbachev, along with Ronald Reagan the Iron Curtain was brought down.  Half of Europe was freed from Communism.

Is this the iphone 14 ?

Check those pizza products.

Jackson, Mississippi has water problems.


A Democrat calls-out Big Member Lightfoot, and the racist Kim.

Go figure.

Crist and his union teacher are running on child mutilations.

New York probably has a million illegals, that’s what sanctuary areas do.

Hillgal says, shake that booty.  I have to do another Booty Grudge Match between these two and the Finnish Prime Minister.

A new Dis-Honors.

Delivery problems.

Disney should have this slimy skank on their Board of Directors.

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