What is going on with Tiger ?


He is a Democrat, playing the system.


The sad thing about many Republicans and Independents is that they aren’t about America First.  They are  “swamp people”.


The Sports Editor:  Is sports really similar to life, LL ?

The Life Cat:  It is more similar than the average bear thinks.  Here is an old TV show where people “bet their life”.

TSE:  Can you show our loyal readers an example of how life and sports merge or maybe hit head-on.

TLC:  Here is the diagram that the dems and msm have used for 7 years to try and frame Donald Trump.  Not one accusation has been true, but like butt-buddies they keep trying.

Who did Trump’s alter ego think he was thumping ?

Who cares ?

Liz’s last campaign.

Equality is great, except when it isn’t.  Public employees should be forbidden to form unions.  FJB and teacher unions.

McConnell is a ” swamper “.  Trump and DeSantis need to campaign for Herschel.

Burning Man has returned.

Trump should shut up about the 2020 election.  It is over, there will be no other election until 2024 for President.  Talk about our problems.


A victory.

This means nothing when all of his bosses and the MSM hide and lie about everything.

They need to be removed like moles in your yard.  The Beagles say ” we’re with the horses on this one “.

Meghan is a media creation, like the Kardashians.

The Ts, Qs, Is, and +’s never did belong, they are  political organizations.  Just like BLM and Antifa.  They are having alphabet problems.

Oakland is getting NY, and Chicago type shootings.  It’s OK if the stars, the rich, and the politicians are safe.

Many of the problems in schools are caused by woke union teachers.  They are too busy supporting sex surgery to do their jobs.  The individual teachers should have to pay the judgement.

Joe is on vacation 40% of the time.

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