Have a great Labor Day.  Fire up those grills, and buy those mattresses on sale for half-price.


Trump will be falsely accused until Biden and the MSM die of natural causes.  Hopefully the midterms will give the HOR and/or Senate to the Republicans.  Ignore the MSM until then.  The entire government is corrupt.


A false alarm. It was Disney’s new park, Aqua-World.


The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the next targets.


The Editor:  What is labor day, LL ?

Not Me Cat:  For our Oregon readers, the last I read they stopped teaching math and reading in schools, here is a little history.   This article is dated 2021, but the history is the same.  Monday, September 5 is the day.

If you read the article carefully, you know that Union Teachers want the kids out of sweatshops and in gender surgery classes, where they remove testicles and ovaries.  Take back your school boards.

Labor Day is the day when mattresses go on sale for half-price.  It is also the unofficial end of Summer.

This is good for American labor.

I will be glad to see this Democrat butt-buddy not working at all.  With Trump out of office the lying MSM want ratings again. FJB, Chuck, and NBC.

Joe, Hunter, and many congress people probably have stock in the place.

They all should be here.


I don’t blame her.  A fumigation is probably needed.  Have the rear expanded and give the old wardrobe to Michelle O.

Here is your BLM—-Blacks Looting Money.  One co-founder bought 4 homes.


What do you expect when you give up control of your rights to others.


It’s my kind of state.

I’m trying to not write about Biden and the hate America toads, but sometimes we need to remember why all MAGA voters should turn out in November.  If Trump is indicted it will help inspire patriots.

A permissive society has no rules or laws.

Nancy Pigleosi’s ancestor.

This is almost 2 years too late.

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