Medical experiments are another benefit.


That was close.


The Punctuation Editor:  Is punctuation important in writing, LL ?

The For Sure Cat:  It sure is.  It emphasizes, clarifies, and makes stupid statements or it makes writing proper or even legal.  I don’t use Grammarly or other apps because people tell me that they get endless ads from the companies.  This is what could happen.

TPE:  Do readers point out errors in your writing, TFSC ?

They sure do, I tell them that I’m a cat with no thumbs.  I might garble the truth with a missing comma, but we don’t write 99.9 percent deliberate lies like the MSM, and especially the New York Times-where the truth goes to die.

Here is another costly mistake with modern technology SNAFU’s.

You can be sure that the attorneys involved will get their money back.  The first Bar Association wanted to use the name SHI*, but it was already in use.

Starbucks doesn’t want mail in ballots for their employees to vote in a union.  They are subject to fraud.

Has this ever happened to a mail-in ballot.

The dems and MSM have been at war with America since Hillgal lost in 2016.

NBC, MSNBC, and NBC Universal are all owned by one of the communication monopolies COMCAST.  They hate Trump because he isn’t a sold out SWAMPER.

College football–week one.


A stabbing-killing-spree in Canada.


Don’t believe any MSM polls.

Good for her.  Union teachers sux, otherwise they would speak up on child mutilations and brainwashing.

Mitch is a rich DC Swamper.


A feline speaks out.

This is why I don’t believe anything without more investigation.  The liars in race and sex accusations are making it hard to believe the real thing.

A woker runs out of electrons.

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