Gretchen is back in the news.  More FBI agents will be found as planners of the kidnapping.


In a few months, there will be no more electricity from Hoover Dam.


The Buzzzz Editor:  What’s up with electric charging stations, LL ?

Fly A Kite Cat:  Go fly a kite and get some free juice.

TBE:  I would rather stop at a San Francisco Walgreens’ or a NYC 7-Eleven.

As always, be careful around electricity.

Good News.

Too close for government work.

One down.


Here is what the dems/liberals/MSM/sanctuary cities get you.

I sure hope Nancy Pigleosi doesn’t do anything rash over her insider stock trading–I forgot you need a conscience.


The Republicans need to get serious, if they take the HOR.

CNN has changed nothing.  We had this with the other creeps.

Give them amnesty.

These people are insane.

Dis-Honors for the week.

Nothing new.

Beschloss is a maggot.

China has millions locked in homes or their factory employers.

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