Musk might be in your car.


Thy rod and staff.


The Climate Editor:  Do you know what causes the weather, LL ?

The Planet Cat:   The sun, a little human mismanagement, the Earth’s orbit, and wind.  They all have some influence, like a recipe for a Vodka Gimlet.

Wind is my topic today.

Use these to see how your politician will vote after the election.

Too many countries jumped on the now, now, now do away with fossil fuels, use wind, use solar, and buy from Russia train.

The American West is in big trouble.

There are too many song choices.

This should get the Republicans to the polls.


The local politician didn’t realize that you have to be a national politician to kill enemies.

Bowser can let them pitch tents in BLM park.  They can also paint more BLM graffiti on the streets.

Two for one.

Maybe the Georgians have come to their senses.

My pesos are on the new member who doesn’t know what a woman is.


If a Republican HOR doesn’t impeach Joe and investigate Hunter they should resign.

The law sux.

Fentanyl kills over 100,000 a year, but our borders are still open.  The feds don’t care.

We see this every day, and the politicians say, ” these people need to serve their complete previous sentence “.  It won’t end until the families of crime victims organize and support the politicians who will protect them.  Another great cover-up is anything the feds say about protecting national security.

An update.

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