This article includes some HOR members and Senators who will get student loan forgiveness.

These members we all see spouting off in the news every day.  Do you recognize them ?  You will pay their student loans.

Ilhan Omar–AOC—Rashida Tlaib—Krysten Sinema—Sheila Jackson Lee—Raphael Warnock—Eric Swalwell.


This is part of the unelected bureaucracy that Trump wants to reorganize.


Orange is the color,  it’s just political Bull Sheet.

A retired White House Chef dies.


I hope Joe dies today of natural causes.  Him running in 2024 is a dream.

They are too busy lobbying the CDC.


The Almost Rested Editor:  Where did your supplement disappear to a few days ago, LL ?

The Psycho Cat:  Life has been a trip, internet problems.  Thanks to RW we are back on line.  Here are some items of interest, old and new.  The American Congress has more benefits than Queen Cleopatra.  Their official barber retired.

The bottles in the background are not hair tonic, but tonic for Gin and every other liquor you can name.  Joe lost his liquor license when Nancy ” Gin & Tonic ” opened a real Congressional Liquor Store and free gym membership.

Who knows if their bank is still letting members kite checks ???

You could swap Car Stealerships for politicians and their promises.

Here is how the Congresspeople eat in their cafeteria.

After the past 7 years of the Democrats, Joe, Nancy, and their butt-buddies-the MSM, I would welcome the Mafia.  They are more honest and wouldn’t let all the Black citizens get killed in New York and Chicago.


Twitter and all the social media do what Congress allows them to do.


This is 1 of a 100 reasons the vipers nest needs to be cleaned out.


Progress ?

Go figure.

Women are crazy to be out alone without protection.

The liberals cry like babies when faced with results of their policies.   FJB and them.

It should be illegal for these creeps to recruit children for their LGBTQAI + culture in public schools.  Straight individuals should do the same thing.

She gets a break—White Democratic privilege.

The political system is crooked, that’s why they hate Trump–he isn’t part of the bribery.

Another crook !!


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