The American voter/dem might be the stupidest group in the world.


It’s a hit.


The Cornucopia Editor:  What have you uncovered, LL ?

It’s A Strange World Cat:  It might be too late for California, but they could make money on desalination plants.

If America still exists in 2024 Manchin has to go.

If you will be unprepared for an emergency, this might help.

It’s a good idea.

A gift.

Joe and the Democrats are getting everything ready for you.

Here is America’s future with a Democratic government—we will see in November.


Anyone who can read knows the city, state, and feds covered up almost everything.  They are murderers–who sent cleanup people in to clean up a poisonous toxic stew and then watched them die.  The decision makers including war criminal Bush 43 should be indicted and tried.


Joe Biden isn’t the problem, it’s the MSM, union teachers, crooked government agencies, and Democratic Party.

The dems.


College rankings after 2 games.

A high school heroine.

I have to take a break from New York City crimes.  They like and want it.

The Dutch are going veggie or insects.

A win for Freedom of Religion.  You don’t have to support or agree with other ideologies—LGBTQAI + is one group—they keep pushing to force their culture on others, especially innocent children.

Some things turn out fine.

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