This sounds like Epstein and the whistle blowers that are silenced in America. In America Facebook, MSM, and Twitter wouldn’t have reported it.

It would be terrible if Joe died today, naturally of course.


Self-checkout may cause anxiety.

They, as we have seen, will lie, hide brainwashing from families, and promote the sexual abuse behind the backs of parents.


The High Tech Editor:  What’s new in the technology world, LL ?

The Charged Cat:  Here is news from the battery industry.

Here is the history of a machine that we need.  Development stalled when Hillgal wanted to replace the buzzer with a dog bark.

With the progress of communication it is hard to say when to stop.

R.W. sent this example of new technology from the 1960’s.

This is harder to follow than Joe’s money trail to China.  I think it says the Chinese will continue to get the Super Chip.

This is for our loyal readers who want a little more knowledge.  California loyal readers need not worry, the government will shut the power off with your e-car charger and air conditioning.

Be careful of manatees and Flipper when near the ocean.

Two of the Democrats goals are to continue to make school children transsexuals before puberty, and take over control of the states power over elections.


DeSantis is right. Don’t forget Twitter and Facebook censoring Republican comments, including Ole Hunter’s computer news.  They turned the election.

What’s up with Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidate for Senator ?  He is stupid, the Supreme Court said about 2 months ago that abortion is not a federal power—it belongs to the states.  Anything to stir up the faithful.


Who is exempt, law officers, government agencies,  any of the 17 intelligence agencies, government employees, or politicians ?

The liberal dems want us in the same fix with China.  Merkel is/was a liberal disaster.

Don’t believe any polls.

Pramila is a national treasure.

Who pays attention to the msm ?  FJB and them.

Let Pigleosi interpret the law.  I would swap her and Joe for the Queen today.


Ken Starr dies.


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