This is no surprise.


Leave her in your backseat for 8 hours.

You can feel better.


No Hurricane Editor:   Where are the hurricanes, LL ?

Global Warming Or Other Cat:  If we have many hurricanes it’s global warming, if there are few it is global warming.  Who is getting the government/rich people’s money to keep lying about global warming.

Some popped up.

This is a little hurricane history.

The crooked politicians everywhere come in–wreck whatever they don’t like and in a few years leave the SNAFU for taxpayers to clean up.

Your dishwasher might have a mini weather event while washing dishes, but not dry plastic items.  Use a hand towel,  some people have it rough.

AT&T–CNN wants to report news—maybe, after reporting enough lies for 7 years to get smelly Joe elected.  FJB, CNN, AT&T, and Warner Media.  It’s hard to tell who owns what.

I can’t keep some articles short, there is too much news.  This is my favorite for today.


Joe’s FBI seized Mike ( My Pillow ) Lindell’s personal phone.  The second video is what flashed thru his mind as he saw the men in black approaching.  It is graphic–not for the squeamish.

If you disagree with the Democrats, you are subject to the corrupt DOJ.

It’s a scientific fact, men can’t get pregnant–a woman who says she is a man can get pregnant.  The dems are stupid.  IF, Ifs and & Buts were candy and nuts everyday could be Christmas (Don Meredith ).


The United Nations wants the world to use wind or solar energy.  They will continue to use gas and their private jets.  They also promised to pay their parking tickets and find the source of COVID.

17 million would pay the mayor and governor’s bribes for a year.

Strikes are in the news.

Kids in Washington State might be safe from sexual indoctrination, with many teachers on strike.

The banks and government learned nothing from the 2008 real estate crash, nothing.

Joe’s policies increase sexual assault in the armed forces, but we already knew that.  Imagine how many it would be if the services had 100% of authorized personnel.  Only about 50% of quotas have been met for this fiscal year.


Fetterman already lies like a Senator.

DeSantis sends illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.  They can live in Obama’s empty mansion.

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