Heil, mein Fuhrer.


” Me Worry “


The Sports Editor:  What is new, LL ?

The Playoff Cat:  The college football playoff championship will now have the top 12 teams.  It should shut-up the people who wanted more games.  Now the 4 loss teams will want in.

Serena is retiring.

Margaret Court speaks up.

Players don’t pay attention, or maybe it was planned.

Fortunes lost ?

The Atlanta Braves break record.

What’s the big deal.  Maybe the people don’t want to be shot on the public streets, robbed, raped, have acid thrown in their face, be shot by a drive by gang member while having sex in their own bedroom, be carjacked, etc.  Anything goes in NYC.

The New York Post had a good title for the refugees on Martha’s Vineyard.



A Chick-fil-A employee saves a mother and child from a carjacking.


New neighbors for Kamala, and the mucho-rich on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.


The latest lies the dems are pushing is that unless you are a smelly, puss running, baby killing Democrat you are a domestic terrorist or right wing extremist. The dems have been pushing them since the Russia Collusion joke. FJB and the Democrats.


Where are the Republicans ?  They should be protesting on every MSM.  The dems want to steal the midterms.

Joe said the economy is great ( it is for him ).

Manchin will be around, like Joe, until 2024 unless Karma takes them both.  Karma should have a lot of free time with the Queen out of the way.

What about Ancestry, hospitals, doctors, and military DNA samples ?

They need more time at home to make up better lies—vote Democratic.

Technology helps.

Slimy Keith is back, what a creep.

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