What if Trump is prosecuted ?


Biden’s latent political philosophy emerges.


The Stinging Editor:  Why are you writing about wasps, LL?

The Good For You Cat:  They are nicer to people than politicians.  Amigo ran into underground Yellow Jackets, and well-house Red Wasps the past week.  He said they both looked this big.

Some history.

Here are some baby wasps in their nest.

These are some wasps in North America.  The Yellow Jackets and Red Wasps are mean boogers.

Most wasp & hornet sprays will kill them on the nest.  After dark is the best time, when all are on the nest.  Some people use gasoline to kill underground Yellow Jackets, but we don’t recommend anything, for anybody, at anytime.

Most are helpful, but some are no good for humans.

Where are Michelle and Barack ?  Obama’s staff was making new cages for the war refuges, but the vigilantes sent them to an army base on the mainland.


Tulsi is the only Democrat who has criticized Hillgal and the other fecal Democrats in the past seven years.  She should change to the R’s.


The MSM will continue to support the party that barely regulates them.  Trump warned us about the Communist owned TikTok.


This beats most lying ads.

Fetterman is a mangie rat in a nest of filthy lying Pennsylvania commies.

MSM members waiting on Trump to swim ashore.

The Caribbean has a tropical storm.

FJB and the media.

Don is getting demoted, sorry Mr. Leemone.  Did you ever settle that sexual something law suit ?

The dems have no sense of humor.

Favre is in a pickle.

Make sure she pays the victim.

Maybe they will lose more.