The feds have the ability.  Do you remember Big Booty AOC’s invisible handcuffs and jail ?

Maybe this will help.


Let the pedophile union teachers be in charge at school and home.


The Extraterrestrial Editor:  What is extraterrestrial for our Oregon readers, LL ?

The Pluto Cat:  Here is the official definition.

Here are some viewpoints on our solar system’s planets.

I still consider Pluto a planet.  With all the science made up during the Green-Covid-Trump scams I need to verify anything that is printed or spoken.  Pluto thinks like a planet.  When laws aren’t enforced neither are expert opinions.

Let’s move them closer to the Earth.  Evolutionist say it’s all an accident.

I always wondered about the anti-gravity scooters and railroad track takeoffs.

Newsom must have replaced Stacey Abrams as the Democratic candidate.  He is in the news everywhere, for no particular reason.  Here is a secret video of him buying hair-gel.

Puerto Rico.


Many college administrators need to be replaced with people who know how to say no.  Newspapers are in the same boat.

It’s wokerism, and a news media that is a member of the Democratic Party.

Disney wokerism kills Star Wars franchise.

Our last Queen news.

New Orleans is run by Democrats.  The Mayor has a persecution complex.  She is a POS.  The last Republican Mayor was in 1873.

A Vineyard drone.

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