CTE is a brain injury caused by blows to the head.


All of America’s hotel rooms are occupied by illegals, so Joe is building new facilities for non-dems.


The Language Editor:  Are you an expert on language, LL ?

The Change Cat:  Cats understand human language more than dogs, but we act stupid like Democrats.  We can go to any country and get by just meowing all day.  You won’t see us heel, stop, go, and all that dog stuff.  Here is an interesting article on the changing language.

TLE:  For our Oregon loyal readers, can you give us an example of the Democrat’s stupidity ?

Did you ever wonder why the dems don’t run a campaign on anything but hating Trump ?  The reason is their campaign planks or promises are at the bottom of this ravine.  The dem driver was following Joe’s directions.  He ignored the signs that warned him that his trailer was too long.

We have heard it all before.

The Democratic Left needs to be squashed like the pedophiles they are, union teachers included.  Do you see any teachers protesting the union position ?

Maybe the time has come to turn back the radical-left-Democrats child molesting agenda.

The dems in Congress got their last two trillions of dollars budgets passed, now you can pay for them.  Vote Democratic.


Newsom is a failed liberal Metro-Sexual, and Pigwoman’s nephew.  Any party that would elect Biden/Harris would elect another POS.  Maybe the weeble from Atlanta can be his VP.

The child sexual abusers have a written plan.


DeSantis will tear down old mansion to build a Taco Pronto and immigrant living pods.

What great choices.

This weeks Dis-Honors.

GM has a new cart for home delivery.

Take away their tax breaks, and government contracts with them.

The American government hasn’t prepared for the battery shortage that is coming or the charging stations.

Mitch should give some of his campaign money to Republicans in close races.

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