This is like Passover for the Jews.


Maxine Waters can fly again.


The Thinker Editor:  Who are deep-thinkers, LL ?

The Abstract Cat:  All of our readers are deep-abstract thinkers.  Here is a statue, and actual film from our archives concerning abstract thought.

How many people can the Earth handle ?  As a cat, I think the maximum is what we have now.  Half of the people on Earth live like animals.  They have no running water, electricity, or enough food.  GMO foods won’t give the world healthy food.  The Roundup and other chemicals to produce more food wind up killing insects, natures balance, and poisoning us.

Animal behavior changes.

Do like Montana.

Everyone should know by now that Congress, dems, and the MSM want to possess your children’s souls and futures.  Who do you hear objecting ?



Why would Cruz let this bill advance out of committee ?

Make Steve Director when Biden is carried away.


I guess Maine’s ( 2 ) Democratic HOR members and Senators-RINO Susan Collins & Independent Angus King are following the liberal policy.  Vote for real Republicans.

The Yorkers can use the baskets to fend off muggers in the parking area.

Vote Democratic again in the midterms.

I hope the new arrivals change their liberal votes.

Shoes tell the tale.

Vanderbilt was a great private university until they went into the child sexual abuse business.

Make a statement, skip Disney.

What a university employee.

Dine and dash–leave restaurant bill unpaid.  I guess getting credit cards first is on the menu.

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