Joe is the man.


The Queen’s will.


The Outdoor Editor:  Is camping, other than sleeping on city streets, in style LL ?

L L Bean Cat:  It has never gone out of style.  Here are some new campers, they call it ” glamping ” because they take some luxuries with them.

Don’t go hiking in a weather event.

This is old, but makes my point.  Don’t go hiking in a war zone.  Don’t be a female basketball player and take drugs into Russia.  The only joy is not having to listen to the American National Anthem.–130263283/145506.html

Glamping beats this.

Lake Mead could sure use that pipeline that wasn’t built.

You can’t even dive in peace.

The joys of Summer Camp.

Keep track of Ian.


Good news from Italy.


The left/dems want this in schools.  Do you hear any dems objecting ?


Did Ilhan Omar and her brother/husband get their share ?

Loudoun County, Virginia should be on a Wanted Poster for covering up rapes and child abuse.  The Sphinx has covered too many schools where child mutilations are hidden, covered up, and denied.  When are these teachers going to be indicted ?

The Sphinx has come to believe that ALL communication from government employees should be on a free platform and on a channel like the police use for communication.  Violators lose 90% of their valuables and get 1 year in Gitmo.

Government employed criminals use privilege whatever, national security, or active investigation to cover up their thefts, bribes, and murders.

California voters approve of their government’s policies.  Dapper Dan Man can bring it to all of America.

Yum should pay the 9 million and shut up.  Who cares ?

Hillgal is farther left than Biden was when he ran.  The radical/left runs the party, not Biden or Hillweeble.

Keisha trashed Atlanta as Mayor.  She didn’t run for reelection.  She is a radical-liberal swamp creature.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

DART: Impact on Asteroid Dimorphos
Video Credit: NASA, JHUAPL, DART

Explanation: Could humanity deflect an asteroid headed for Earth? Yes. Deadly impacts from large asteroids have happened before in Earth‘s past, sometimes causing mass extinctions of life. To help protect our Earth from some potential future impacts, NASA tested a new planetary defense mechanism yesterday by crashing the robotic Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft into Dimorphos, a small asteroid spanning about 170-meters across. As shown in the featured video, the impact was a success. Ideally, if impacted early enough, even the kick from a small spacecraft can deflect a large asteroid enough to miss the Earth. In the video, DART is seen in a time-lapse video first passing larger Didymos, on the left, and then approaching the smaller Dimorphos. Although the video ends abruptly with DART’s crash, observations monitoring the changed orbit of Dimorphos — from spacecraft and telescopes around the world — have just begun.

Tomorrow’s picture: furious sky