These are the same people who want you to eat bugs while they fly their private jets to Paris for lunch.

Ameca is more articulate than Joe.


Save the Ruskies.


The Left Coast Editor:  I think Californication deserves their own newspapers, LL.

The So-What Cat:  They have a thousand, but they all report the same drivel.  They will be out of water by Thursday.

The plants and trees that have adapted to fog over a million years will probably die without the fog.  The coast dwellers won’t even be able to hang out towels to trap moisture.

Their cows are leaving.  Texas is the land of contentment.

Taxes are below expectations.

Who pays the taxes ?  Is money Heaven sent ?

A happy story.


Our South Eastern readers should keep an eye on Ian.


This is a follow up of a previous listing.  This decision is the one the JCPA bill that Cruz just help out of committee will prohibit.

The courts suspended our liberty for 2 years—now they wake up.  What’s going on ?  What about our armed forces?

More Bull Sheet that has to be cleaned up.

Have a hologram of Alex Trebek do Jeopardy.

Norway’s wind turbines can’t take it.

I’m going to miss Ole Joe when he joins RBG, hopefully next week.

RIP Nurse Ratched.

I’m tired of reporting Chicago’s murders, the Windy City has a Black Big Member, female, lesbian, mayor.


  1. Lori is the most beautiful monkey in the entire world and the love of my life!
    May her life be filled with lots of bananas. She however must hate humans or
    she would stop killing them.

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