Castro did the same thing, with the Mariel Boat Lift, when Carter was President.  His prisoners and mentally ill were among the boat people.

Illegals are no problem in Delaware.


Sex, lunches, and flood repair are not free.


The Any Port In A Storm Editor:  What’s going on at Martha’s Vineyard, LL ?

The Islander Or Vineyarder Cat:  That’s what some locals call themselves.  To be honest, most people with enough money don’t want to live next door to people who don’t cut their grass, rake their sand, or throw lobster shells in the street.

To be frank, if they wanted to be raped, killed, carjacked, stabbed, robbed and a hundred other inconveniences they would live in the cities I write about every day.  Good for the Islanders.  Here is some history.

Show me a member of Congress or other high ranking government employee that lives in a smelly hovel where your kids might get shot in bed by a drive by gang member.  Them and the rich don’t associate with the poor.  Does Hollywood or the gated communities let illegal immigrants live there?

Talk is cheap.

Storm tracker.


Storm news is everywhere, but only here can you find the Waffle House Index (WHI), it let’s you know the severity of the storm or disaster.

Don Lemonne is a race-baiting-Democratic Party butt-buddy.


If you don’t want to pay as much for beer as gas, vote for the Republicans.  The same applies if you want the FBI top officers indicted, tried for fraud, and covering up evidence.


Maybe this will work out. I hope next, they can protect minors in the school systems.

They are following the plans of The Group/Squad and dems.

” I don’t want no FOP-G.D. ” man says he isn’t leaving Californication.  He needs to stay—he and O.J. are going to look for the real killers and Aunt Nancy’s soul.

Stacey has always been a Democratic media creation.

Trump tried to ban this Communist Party owned platform, but the MSM and dems wouldn’t hear of it.

The dems caused the hurricane, they have the HOR, Senate, and Presidency.  Klobuchar will make a good monkey to replace Feinstein as a stupid dem.

Here is what Americans are fighting.  Senators Susan Collins and Angus King are taxpayer sucking leeches.  The residents deserve them.  Give your wealth to BLM/Antifa, LGBTQAI + and then talk to me about mine–you won’t do it.  Look at the ole Commie next door-Bernie Sanders has three homes.



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