Sweet solitude.

You need big bucks to buy these.


This will certainly deter hijackers and other democrats.


The I Want More Editor:  What’s up with money, LL ?

The Scrooge Duck Cat:  Money is losing value quicker than you can say inflation.  Here is a breakdown of America’s national debt, the money is owed because Congress spends more money than taxes support.

By the time you read the debt article the debt increased by about 2 million dollars.

Here are some people who got richer during the COVID disaster.

The government doesn’t care, it isn’t their money.

Do those background checks.

Try this when you have the money and time.

Vote Democratic.  More people died from overdoses last year than in all of the Vietnam War.


Storm surge can be the most dangerous element in a storm.

Adams and Governor Hochul both should have memes of a dead baby shot in a baby stroller.

Virgin Atlantic goes woke.  The airline of choice for union teachers and the MSM.


This reporter practices safe-hurricane reporting.


Figure it out.

Politicians will do nothing about single crimes committed every day, see Chicago and NYC.  Victims of crimes, their families, and friends should organize a voting block and vote against the current criminals in office.  Stop being a willing victim of your mayors and governors.

Solar power customers are also victims.  Once they get your money or signature you are doomed.

Dis-Honors for this week.

These are two radical dems, all they want is power to turn your children into sexual mutants.  Remember when they supported moving the MLB Allstar Game out of Atlanta last year?  That cost millions of dollars that minority entertainment workers could have earned.

Most of the polls are tilted to the dems, get out and vote-take a friend.

This ad looks slimy.

Joe creates another job.

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