The Air Force has enough White people.


The vaccines are a weapon against anyone the dems don’t like.  Joe has let 2 million illegals in with no vaccine or  COVID test.

You never get the truth from the military.  One thing that sticks out is the lack of repairs due to no replacement parts.


Mike has a pillow fort.

This is what the top enlisted man in the army thinks, he speaks for Joe.


There is nothing to compare to professionalism.


The Volunteer Editor:  What is the condition of our armed forces, LL ?

Look At This Cat:  Policies are implemented by governments to reach a goal.  I want to disclose my contributing to Tolley’s Topics.

The armed forces are being destroyed by the MSM and Democrats, Joe is unimportant.  The forces are being woked.  Some facts.

Everyone without an axe to grind knows males and females have bodies made for different things.  Talk to evolution or God.

Other requirements relaxed or dropped.

Maybe they don’t want to be abandoned by the Commander in Chief.

Maybe recruits don’t want to take experimental vaccines or be court-martialled for telling the truth.

English will be the next requirement dropped.

A bonus.

We have added to Senator Blumenthal lying about serving in Vietnam.  The joke is,  Jane Fonda spent more time in Vietnam than him.  Kamala Harris has spent more time at the North Korean border than our Mexican border.


It is an ill wind that blows no good.

Two sports stories.

Take it all off.

I don’t believe Joe has made a decision since the election.


Some people call him Fetterwoman.

Hurricane facts.


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