Electric vehicle news.

The dems say, ” do not indict us, only Trump “.


Get ready for Thanksgiving.


Follow these guys.


The Other Editor:  Is this about Shakespeare, LL ?

Maybe Cat:  If I run out of useful knots, I might resort to The Bard.  These are great knots.

Everyone who visits our Cumberland Refuge has to tie one of these.

Just when you think some things are improving the past reappears.  Hank is fine until he speaks.  When he finally grasps a thought it is like a dragon catching a Hobbit in its talons.

You will be tracked everywhere you go.  Make sure your property has security cameras, for your own protection.

Here are some Shakespeare quotes.

Google needs to be broken into a thousand pieces, JFK said the same thing about the CIA.

Stacey, the media creation, loses again.


The Democrats and Mexican government don’t give a rat’s a** about dead migrants.

The weather woman got her mic-safe-weather-reporting protection at IHOP.

This man is fearless.  I would rather pick up Nancy by her Kente Cloth.

The dems/MSM want to leave the cupboards bare.  No money, phones, food, or pets.

You other Americans can fly in sardine aluminum tubes, and eat worms & kale.

He will make a good Senator.

Kamala must be Hank Johnson’s daughter.

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