Figure Skating history is made.

CNN already has a spot for her.


Their brains aren’t developed until around 25 years old.

Jerry has a new nickname.  Napster would be better.  Inmate would be more accurate.


The Question Editor:  Many loyal readers want to know why fonts/print are so small in many articles/sites ?

The Answer Cat:  They say it is because many readers use phones or other small devices.  It is like much customer service, they don’t care.  I don’t include many relevant articles because the print is too small.

If you are computer literate this may or may not help.

Are 10,000 steps necessary for good health, TAC ?

It’s your decision.  As usual, there is no evidence to support the claim.  If you are overweight or have diabetes exercise is generally good for you.

TQE:  What is a quincunx, TAC ?

It sounds like a nickname for Pigleosi.  Here are some strange words.

Let’s change the Coke-Cola recipe.

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