Don’t worry.

Musk gives a light show.


The New York Attorney General ran on a campaign to indict Trump.  She is a POS.


The Part Time Editor:  For our Oregon loyal readers, what is overemployment, LL ?

Not Me Cat:  I wouldn’t be overemployed for all the pedophiles in DC.  It use to be called having two jobs.  The problem here is your first employer getting 8 hours work ?

Here is one viewpoint on overemployment.

Working from home should be worth from ten to thirty dollars a day in gas saved, wear and tear on your car, and lower insurance.

The Democratic Party should feel good.

You can’t get rid of the MSM frauds.

A good tackle, and a good piece of satire.

Al Sharpton will have a better chance of the nomination than Biden.

News from Iran is scarce, every news person is investigating Trump’s Nuclear Bomb In Mar-a-Lago.

Price increases are felt by everyone.  Maybe they will vote their wallet/purse.

Dick Morris is working for Trump for free.  He speaks with Trump every day, but wants no part of his next administration, only phone access.

RIP Loretta Lynn.!news/

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