The climate scam is just that.  Clean up the trash in the ocean, poison chemicals for insects and weeds, and let government make reasonable demands on renewable energy.  Government money should be very little and well supervised–see Minnesota COVID scam.

Real life.


America isn’t prepared for electric anything that burns your family to death while they sleep.  Car batteries and solar panels are included.

Putin is training for a job at the Pennsylvania ballot certifying center.


The Embedded Chips Are Coming Editor:  Here is the future LL, only the string will be electronic.

The Electricity Cat:  They hope the electricity will stay on.  Here is a further partnership between business and the Democrats.  Shortly, businesses will void your credit cards if they don’t like your attitude.  It’s like the Chinese social-scoring.  This originated at the United Nations.

Your government and the pharmaceutical industry.  We will never see the truth.

Don’t let them bring you down.

Joe, no one cares what you said, but don’t post mean tweets.

This is for our baseball fans.


No one wants Joe around their supporters.  The Billionaires run the Democratic Party not Obama, Biden, or Hillgal.

It will be many years before even half of Americans have E-cars.  China has the rare-Earth minerals locked up with contracts in several countries.  The rare minerals are needed for battery production.  Can you imagine 90% of Floridians having electric cars last and this week.

Poll numbers, if you can believe them.

The army, FBI & DOJ, needs the kick out their top officers/executives.

The swamp-creatures have no conscious or soul.

Turks & Caicos are safer than American sanctuary cities.  I have almost stopped giving death/shot counts for them.

Another cover-up.  You can’t believe anyone that you don’t know personally.

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