Dung Beetles might be next.


Pass the sugar around.  Practice safe-hugs.


The Live Long & Prosper Editor:  What’s new with the survivalist, LL ?

The Time To Go Cat:  This is how some of our richest survivalist plan on living past THE END.

The European Union may not survive the winter.  Only a fool depends on their enemy for survival.  America and China will be next.

This is a survivor.  The age is a guess, let’s just say it is old.  This guy practices modern science–make up what you want.

NASA will save the world.

All branches of the military are under liberal/woke assault.

We mentioned 6 years ago that the progressive/liberal/sanctuary/dems wouldn’t care about our survival until they were attacked.  Now, most of them deny saying defund the police.  When Joe is replaced they will say he has mental difficulties.

A new version.

This goes thru Merrick Garland ( Attorney General ) and Joe or his replacement.


This is like the weather stats, incomplete, made-up, cities left out.  It’s trash.

The NYT lives down to its reputation.  The elections are crooked.

EVs aren’t ready for prime time.

Alec settles up.


Put her on The Supreme Court.

The father, elected officials and other citizens of NEW YORK CITY killed his daughter by not enforcing the law for 2 years.  You elect hoodlums you get innocents killed.

Loesch ( pronounced Lash ) fires back at ” The View ” skanks.

Poor District of Christopher Columbus.

The new arrivals are illegals, no English, American history, or culture values.  Good luck.

Most of the Vatican art was stolen.

Do it.

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