Michael Moore might be with-child.


Don’t forget to vote and eat Blue Bell ice cream.


The We Knew This Editor:  What is important, LL ?

The I Knew It Cat:  Child sexual mutilation and sex change hormone treatments were down while the schools were closed.  Another expected result of streets filled with dope addicts, derelicts, and killers is that children have some emotional problems.

As a cat I think the sanctuary-progressive-radical liberal, Democratic cities with Black politicians partnered with rich White liberals should be miniaturized and sent to Mars.  The only thing keeping them afloat is Federal Tax money.

If you had this ancient manuscript you could give Pigleosi Communion in the Catholic Church.  Her Bishop won’t give her Holy Communion.  She is going straight to Hell.

She said her alcohol had to be 90 proof, and her wafers sprinkled with marijuana.

For Nancy’s soul.

You will be a fool to continue to use PayPal.  Who is in charge of your life ?


I haven’t believed anything from Harvard for 6 years.  I don’t trust doctors anymore.

Dems are stupid, consumers pay taxes not companies.

Good news from Delaware, Joe’s home.


They should require that news organizations tell the truth, not opinions.

Small town cops can be just as arrogant/crooked as the New York State Police.  This Chief stops in the middle of the highway.

Be careful at the food store.

The poker cheating scandal gets worse.

Send the NBA to China.

Teachers are a sad group.  Most everyone in NYC has problems with morals and ethics.  The governor is no exception.

Whitmer is a Michigan sociopath.  Do you remember her FBI kidnapping ?

Watch out.

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