I believe them.

Everyone is a suspect, except dems.


Joe was a Puerto Rican Master Carpenter in his youth (about 1890).

Pick your city.


The Funny Editor:  Who is above satire, LL ?

The Copper Cats:  These cops and the 6th Circuit Court say you can’t use satire on cops.

The Fort Worth Police appreciate satire.

Here is a Congresswoman from Florida who says that you should be put in prison for making fun of her.

When you elect scum POS that’s the laws you get.  Here is another POS from Florida.

Too many politicians aren’t honest, but get reelected.

Sit down for this—Pfizer and the CDC never tested the COVID vaccine to see if it stopped the spread of the virus.  FJB, FAUCI, PFIZER, MSM, and the lying Democrats.


Grow pigs in California and charge for the extra expense.  Nancy and Maxine’s picture are in the article.

Let the woke generals learn Spanish, and enlist the 2 million illegals the dems have welcomed in the lat 11 months.


All is not well in La La land.  The city council is tossing the monkey word around.

A union honcho illegally taped the ” Great Monkey Incident “.


Cars have joined guns as the cause of crimes.  The Democrats need to start sending murderers, car thieves, rapist, and the other criminals to the Pokey.

Pokey definition, or maybe not.

I hope the R’s come out to vote in the midterms.


New Zealand solves the problem.  Lets get rid of 4 billion people.

Troy has his opinion, until the network steps in.

Warnock’s church appears to be a slumlord.

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