Next week we will review ” West Side Story “.


We refer to her as former model.


The Education Editor:  For our younger readers and Oregon residents, what was a Bookmobile, LL ?

The Well Read Cat:  It was a medium size truck that was full of books which went around in the Summer stopping at convenient locations for kids to check out books.

Another favorite truck in the Summer was the Good Humor Truck.

The Oscar Mayer Truck was also a treat.

The American Culture has really changed.  Now Planned Parenthood has a Kill The Baby Mobile.

Maybe they will get another chance.

I won’t support Musk anymore on anything.


Another Democrat lie, these guys should spend more time in a Republican HOR investigative hearing than all the Jan-6 crap.  This guy should be indicted.

Romney is a rich Socialist-Progressive Swamp Rat.




The Lithium-Ion batteries are not safe.


If you don’t expose lies from politicians they will be around forever, look at the Clintons.

The Supremes ruling seems to be meaningless.

Why are the whales beaching themselves ?

Fetterman is a Radical/Socialist/Democrat, look at his policies.  FJB and Fetterman.  Maybe Feinstein’s care givers can care for him in the Senate.  The HOR and Senate don’t have staffs anymore, just care givers.

Barnes is a thief.  I hope he gets a visit from Karma.

Tulsi is a good not-Democrat.

Herschel does well.


  1. My cousin which I always called aunt marchie Margret Howard drove the summer Bookmobile and our area was always able to have access to books our small library did not carry it was always fun to see the bookmobile come to Zebulon and suronding towns

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