The Inner Circle is antsy.

Swords should be banned.


We know the FBI is a crooked arm of the dems.

Alexa is not your friend.


The Explaining Editor:   For our Oregon readers what is a potpourri, LL ?

The Muckraker Cat:  It’s just a mixture of things.  The first link is guaranteed to make your life more enjoyable.

The Progressive/Liberal tent can’t hold all of the sex categories.  The teachers unions can, they want all children neutered.

For our sports fans.

I can hear them now.  The merger will make prices lower because it will be more efficient.  After the promised 6 months of stability, layoffs and higher prices appear.  Just like Google, Disney, etc.


We reported the use of Chinese parts in our military equipment 5 years ago, they own America.  Learn Mandarin.

PayPal accidentally released this too early.  Its existence proves that it is in the works, just like credit card companies listing gun buyers in a separate file.

Wawa not expanding in filthydelphia, might forget any future dealings with the cesspool.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ( DEI ) are the next words that will make you a nice person.  If you believe in evolution we are here by accident, and there is no punishment for anything–just get what you want and have fun.

Criminals do what they want, in sanctuary states/cities with no punishment–until a politician or rich person is the victim.


It is time to pay for the last trillion dollar Democrat budget package.

Social Security payments get a COLA increase, Medicare is lower—they can’t keep up with the Democratic Party’s Inflation.  They were so proud to pass the last trillion dollar give-away.  Do you remember Manchin switching his support ?


The union leader recorded the meeting.  It is entertaining.

An old pair of Joe Biden’s Levis is sold.

COVID exposed many little dictators.  Support his opponent if he is an elected judge.

City dwellers have maybe 5 days to live, rural people will have to repopulate the country.  The LGBTQAI ? people had better have an indispensable trade.

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