People need two jobs to pay bills.

It’s not a disease anymore, it’s an infection.  Whew !!!


Maybe it’s an infection.


The Getting Serious Editor:  Who is in the news, LL ?

The I Identify As A Frog Cat:  First up is the group, squad, gang, or loud mouths.

New York is trying to protect children online.

If Marijuana is a class 1 drug, what happened to Fentanyl ?


I hope the elephants remember.

If Joe was your uncle, at a family gathering, you would keep your daughters away from him.


Republicans in the HOR should already be writing this toad’s impeachment papers, for January of 2023.


These politicians must be elected by monkeys.  I guess teachers are the ” Pedophiles of your child’s future “.

Democrats are your children’s guiding light.  Our younger readers can see two things from the intro–an old washing machine with wringers.  This is where the saying ” don’t your ti* caught in a wringer ” originated.  Another outdated concept discussed was marriage.

America has more different people with mental disorders than any other country.

Hopefully Karma will visit Fauci before he can be indicted.

It is sad when billionaires divorce.

Those Iranians are boogers.

The pony is a pooper.

Poor Jill.

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