Elect Saban as President.

Normal can be a goal.


The Secret Service is corrupt, ask JFK.

If he was a politician his staff or MSM would cover it up.


The What’s Happening Editor:   What does happen, LL ?

The Let’s Do It In The Street Cat:   This happens with any and everything.  New York City started eating in sidewalk rat holes constructed for The Wuhan Flu.  An activist judge says they are permitted to continue serving.

They, according to locals, are rat, roach, pigeon, and bird dropping infested health hazards.  At night they become outdoor sex and drug dens.

Once any authority permits anything it is almost impossible to eliminate it.


Here is this week’s god or god figure from the ancients, Hercules or the Greek name Heracles.

TWHE:  The ancient Greeks and Romans seemed to have swapped their gods as needed.  It’s almost like the D.C. incest with the MSM, lobbyist, and Congressional dems.  Maybe we need Hercules.–legend/

The ancient gods interfered in human lives more than the DOJ does Trump.  We need someone to keep a tally sheet.

At one time I was a compassionate feline, I have come to believe that America is more important than politicians with health problems.  I hope Karma takes Fetterman and Joe to live with RBG.  MSM racist are included.

Cold weather arrives.


Good news, until Google censors Conservatives before any/all elections.  Break-up Google.

Make her a Trustee, working in the Governor’s Mansion.

Don’t sit out the election.  Forty percent of people supporting our current society/federal government is bad news.

Robots ( bots ) are back in the news.

Maybe the twenties are in reach.

DeSantis is still busy.

What is Chris up to ?

Ghislaine deserves a repeat.  Bill didn’t fly on Epstein’s jet, it was 27 recorded times-about 7 without the Secret Service.

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