They get treated like dogs.

I can hear Joan Crawford telling a new movie star hopeful, ” don’t have sex with the director on the floor, it’s cold, use the couch “.  The storage unit wasn’t around then.  Hopefully, it was climate controlled.


No doubt, everyone steals everything.


The Last Flight Editor:  What happened to First in Flight, LL ?

The Tar Heel Cat:  That was when the Wright Brothers made the first heavier than air sustained flight.  Here is the latest small plane crash.  It is sad about the death of Viktoria and injuries to other students.  I’m not making fun of them, just reporting what the report printed.  Don’t write me bitching about anything.

Do you know why they crashed ?  They used too many vowels and consonants.  I’m surprised their flight plan was approved.  The only thing worse would have been three people from Iceland.

 Viktoria Theresie Izabelle Ljungman,  Oluwagbohunmi Ayomide Oyebode   

I’m surprised Vanna White wasn’t on the plane.

Thank goodness these two crashes were not combined.

Life in a Democratic Party, sanctuary, open jail policy America is not worth much.

Put them here.

Tulsi is campaigning for more Republicans.

I like this name.  America’s homeless don’t like illegals getting better benefits.

Vote Democratic.


Joe can go to Rome with Nancy and eat Italian ice cream.  Joe spells dot in email address.


Maybe Kate Bennett is right, Joe can work from Delaware.  Let’s open the White House as a homeless shelter.  If Joe wants to travel he can use his bicycle.  Sell Air Force One, Marine One, and all 30 limousines he uses to go anywhere.

Who is really making decisions ?

This is the policy the wokers banks, credit card companies, social media, etc. want to use to make you stop buying at places they don’t like.

Public housing residents might need guns the most.

China cuts off natural gas to Europe.

The Radical-Feminist just hate men.  They must have been brainwashed in school.

Nancy’s legacy will last as long as Harry Reid’s, about 6 years.  I hope there is a Republican Congress when she dies that won’t allow her corpse to be displayed in the HOR.

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