Don’t get mixed up.

A lot of people are leaving the violent rat-holes.  Run, Forrest, run.


This is a follow-up on a previous article.–crack-pipes-in-adult-happy-meals

Before long ketchup will be listed as soup.


The Gridiron Editor:  What is going on with football, LL ?

The Interference Cat:  This is to celebrate The University of Georgia’s National Championship from last year.  I wouldn’t normally write about dogs but Amigo gave me a mouse farm.  This was one of the great home team announcers in college ball.

Herschel Walker was the driving force behind the 1980 National Championship.   Vote for him in November for Senator.

Their slobbering, smelly, excuse for a mascot was actually voted the best mascot in America a few years ago.

This was a damn good dawg.

Here is something about Notre Dame football.  Reagan was elected President 42 years ago when Georgia won their last title, before the 2021 title.  He was the 40th President.

In some places you still get disciplined for misbehaving.

Our commercial.

Our college song, dedicated to Margaret Coventry.

Joe is senile, unfit to be President.  The dems need to remove him now, but he is their guy.


Trump’s rallies show the crowd, not 50 people behind the speaker like Biden.


Every Republican in the country should be running on this–schools and union teachers trying to change the sex of your child in secret, to be a member of the LGBTQIA + culture.


Tulsi has become a great American.


The new Governor of New York and the the New Mayor of NYC are both as slimy as boiled okra.

They should turn it into a neighborhood jail.  Take out all the child porno books.


Democratic-Liberals will forever try to prevent poor people from having guns, except in cities where crime is as common as a dem lying.

San Fransicko loses another business because of crime and filth.

Spoiled celebrities.

When people start starving, the farmers should make sure the politicians cupboards are bare.  No phones, no food, no pets, no private jets.

Too bad.

I’m surprised they don’t have a serial killer making ads.

I would be more surprised if anyone scanned every product.

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