Finally, progress.


What a fashion icon, and more proof of two sexes.


The Who/What Editor:  What is your first answer, LL ?

The Music Cat:  A reader wanted to know why Lynyrd Skynyrd mentioned Neil Young in “Sweet Home Alabama”.

Is Biden an absentee President ?  He has spent over seven months in Delaware or Camp David.

Here is what stands out in the CNN article—-  Granted under Trump, there were no new wars, inflation was basically nonexistent, and the border was secure so there was little else to talk about.  

The media had plenty to talk about–and are still doing it–Russian collusion, impeachment, mean tweets, a second impeachment, etc.

Even the commie Obama said the dems need to talk about something other than Trump.  Any sane person knows that the dems have only hate Trump to run on.


Every person who agrees with this moron should be sent to Algeria for a year, after their surgery.

Every public employee who agrees with Joe Biden should have their sex organs cut off or removed from their body.  Start with Federal Employees.

Vote.  Don’t believe the MSM political polls.


States that care about children should tell union teachers to take their sexual preferences to their homes and shut up in the schools.  You are employees of the parents.

Parents are waking up.

Babylon Bee makes regular news.


I haven’t reported Chicago’s shootings for a while, nothing has changed.  Criminals run the city.  You go, Big Member Lori.

A New York Winter, maybe.

Thai, thigh, tie food.

Justice.  A wasted 5 years.

California can’t regulate their marijuana or educate their citizens.  Oh well, they can use women’s rest rooms.

The parents have learned not to trust any authority, without verification.

Ignore the polls–go vote.  Many Georgians sat out the last Warnock race, and you see what happened.

This should be the dems meme.

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