Watch those iPhone texts, or everyone else will.

A new discovery.


He should tell the New York scabs he identifies as Pancho and Lefty.


The Tired Of Government Editor:  Haven’t you reported on everything in politics, LL ?

The District Of Christoper Columbus Cat:  I have some unreported items.  For our Oregon & Democratic readers the Columbia in District of is named for Christopher Columbus.  Change it.  Here is one person’s report on dress and other protocols in the HOR and Senate.

Each house of Congress makes their own rules.  I hope the Republicans win both.  The first two rules that need to be repealed are the wearing of Hijabs on the floor of the HOR, and absent members letting another member have their proxy vote.  Repeal both.  Make Ilhan Omar wear the Hijab and Burka.  Put AOC in one for good measure, she could show off her ” Big Booty “.

This is one of the HOR top 3 slimiest lizards.  He is the ex Fang Fang bed mate.

The slimy thieves are in charge.

Maybe La Nina will make Congress unable to meet.

Get some liquor from the Congressional Liquor store that Nancy created.

America needs to bring our NATO troops home.  Germany learned nothing from relying on Russian gas/energy.


Disney is a world class, A number one, five star slimy organization.  No company that owns a TV network ( ABC ) that lies about 99% of Republican news should be trusted for anything.


I place union teachers and ignorant teachers like this one in the same class as Pigleosi and Hillgal.  Indict her.

Many countries enforce their laws.  Protest their national anthem.


Lori’s Chicago.

I wish every voter would call for the 25th amendment or resignation.

The Pope is and has been a Communist for years.

This whole deal with Stacey and the law firm is a corrupt, unethical, scam that just makes all involved dirty as a junkyard dog.

Nothing is real.

You figure it out.



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